Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Lion of Albuquerque on the "Life Leeches"

NOB HILL--V.B. Price hasn't been in the Flying Star for a while but the man continues to write with insight and passion. His column in Saturday's ABQ Tribune distills the outrage so many of us feel about the neocons dragging Schiavo's death through the halls of Congress for their own selfish purposes. Here is part of what he said:
Who are these people and their congressional allies? They're the haters, the dirty tricksters, the propaganda masters, the creators of fake news releases, the upper-class corporate swindlers, the gay-bashers, the cripplers of Medicaid and humane bankruptcy laws, the wreckers of the saving-and-loan industry, the destroyers of welfare, the misers who skimp on funds for disabled combat veterans, and the arch-hypocrites who use the God of love as a weapon against their political enemies.

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Samir said...

He really does some excellent work.