Monday, April 04, 2005

Ken surveys the area, directing our attention to sites where he has made various the wreckage of an airplane (not the TWA wreck). He is most famous for finding a 500-pound bomb left over from an accidental drop during World War II when Kirtland Field trained B-17 crews.

He led a team of military men up to the bomb site where an investigation revealed that the shell casing was empty. The explosives had been removed. The military team, having carried plastic explosives all the way up the mountain in backpacks, decided to blow it up anyway...which they did.

When Ken originally found the bomb, he did not exactly find it with his eyes. That is to say, he did not actually see it. He sat on it not noticing it was metal. It was then that, after scratching it, Ken wondered who had carried a cast iron Dutch oven all the way up there. After digging up a large part of it, he figured out what it was.

This has led to some speculation that Ken's butt is magnetic...or at least resonates with some ferrous frequency. I am not sure about the "ferrous" part. It does resonate frequently...that much I know.

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