Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Worms Crawl In...The Worms Crawl Out...

NOB HILL--After finishing the stucco job of our block wall, Juan loaded up every bit of construction trash into his pickup and was about to head to the dump. I had come out to pay the last of what I owed him. I was getting an uneasy feeling as I walked past the garden towards his truck. The yard was clean of trash all right...almost too clean. I gladly paid him his money. The truck pulled out and down the alley.

Why, talk about clean, even the tub of grass clippings was empty, its contents buried somewhere in the back of his rumbling truck. The tub of clippings and garbage? Oh no. He's taking my worms to the dump!

Pues, adios gusanos. So much for the "compound interest" analogy of last Monday. The worms have turned. And I am left casting about for another metaphor.

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