Thursday, April 21, 2005

Click on the Muddy Water Pictures...You Will Not Believe It

SOUTH VALLEY BIKE TRAIL--I thought I would try out my new mountain bike down by the river at the far south end of the trail. Unfortunately, the dirt road to the river was blocked with a lot of water. So I sat down and ate a snack. But the water didn't really look that calm. There were ripples moving across the opaque surface of the muddy water. I picked up my camera and went to the water's edge.


chantal said...

Wow. Does anyone know what sort of fish these are?

mike the fisherman said...

they look like the "golden carp" that Rudolfo Anaya made famous-just plain old trash fish.

johnny_mango said...

You know I thought they might be some kind of carp, but they were SO BIG. Thanks.