Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Johnny_Mango...Meet Gary Fisher

NOB HILL--I'm going to be pretty busy for a while. On the 26th of this month Mike Moye and I are going to fly to Anchorage, Alaska and we won't be back until May 7th. The following week the two of us, along with my regular weekly riding partner Bob Evans, will be bike touring in the Gila. This is not a paved road trip. I thought I better get something built to take rougher conditions than my hybird. So I went down to 2-Wheel Drive and did it. I bought a mountain bike--a Gary Fisher.

One of the nice things about 2-Wheel Drive is that if you are having trouble with the comfortable fit of the bike, they will exchange parts until you are satisfied...free. I already had them put more of a rise on the handlebars for a bit of comfort on those long days. But this bike rides so nice! I have no regrets. And the trip, which loops to the north and east of Snow Lake, is going to be great. I'll be taking my Yakima trailer, so there will be plenty of room for water along with the camping gear. And it all starts in about 3 weeks.

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