Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Alan Armijo Considering Race for Mayor

NOB HILL--The Albuquerque Mayor race continues to heat up. One person being mentioned is County Commissioner Alan Armijo. He was drinking coffee this morning in the Flying Star, so I asked him if he was in or out.

He said it was under consideration and that he had a committee studying the situation, including doing some polling. It does seem to be a tricky situation. For one thing, Armijo would be the 4th Hispanic to express an interest in running (Griego, Chavez, Espinosa, and Armijo). Richard Romero is also being talked about. In fact, he does have a staff person, a veteran of his run for Congress, working on a race for Mayor. That makes five.

This would leave a demographic opening for an anglo to wedge into the runoff. A runoff occurs when nobody gets 40% of the vote. Armijo doubts that Yntema will run. He also states that the Republicans don't seem to be seeking a candidate for Mayor. But given the nature of the field of candidates, it is almost certain that sombody else will make a run.

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The Voice said...

Hit and Run Marty

Sitting here watching the discussion on gov-tv regarding discussions about the jail funding; I so appreciate the spanking Alan Armijo gave Marty. I also appreciate the depth of knowlege Alan has because he was also once a City Councilor (thanks for the "reminder' you put out to Marty about funding there Alan!!!) It is great that someone has the cojones to remind that pudgy runt of a mayor that we all are represented by people other than just Marty Chavez.

I am ashamed to admit that I voted for Mayor Chavez both times when he was elected into office. Time has passed and it turns out that Marty cares only about Marty. I, for one am tired of his grandstanding and making himself out to be Albuquerque's only hope for salvation. Its time for re-election so, like clockwork Marty shows up to pander to the public by painting every other elected official as being out of touch with the public's needs. He is a media hound. It is interesting to note that Marty made is presentation and then "suddenly" had to leave - what a coward! It is evident he is more adept at spitting out a sound byte for the local news media. Good old Hit and Run Marty!! It is time to vote this self-serving politico out of office. Were does he get the idea that he can unilaterally dispose of JPA commission? Apparently the City Council has no say-so in this matter!

Now Marty thinks he has found a way to garner votes by cutting funding. Apparently he thinks that he can screw Correction's Officers out of what is due to them now. he did this with city personnel (refuse department) and they remembered when he ran for Governer and LOST!

I will make one prediction and you all can rub my nose in it if it does not come to pass - MARTY CHAVEZ WILL NOT BE ALBUQUERQUE'S NEXT MAYOR.

POINT OF INFORMATION: I am not, nor have I ever been, an employee of either the City of Albuquerque or Bernalillo County.

Come Monday, I will be knocking on Alan Armijo's door to offer my help in getting him elected. Go get 'em Alan!